Safe Flameless Heat

Safety is always a priority at Frend Therm, especially when it comes to our flameless heaters for commercial heating use. Our flameless heaters release zero flame emissions and are free from carbon monoxide. They are the safest, most reliable heaters used for commercial heating purposes on the market today.

Between employee safety, customer concerns, and increasing regulations, jobsite safety is a very large consideration on any project. We put the time and energy into ensuring that all of our thermal flameless heaters are safe and are above standard regulations for each commercial heating unit.

We take safety seriously and have made the following considerations for each of our commercial heating flameless heaters:

  • No risk of fire because no fire or flame is involved in the operation of the unit
  • We provide a brushless or SAEJ1171 ignition- protected alternator
  • The exhaust heat exchanger safely draws temperatures of the exhaust stack to a level where employees will not get burned if contact with the stack occurs
  • No harmful fumes are vented into the working environment
Therm Dynamics flameless heaters are also one of the easiest thermal flameless heaters to use. With step-by-step instructions posted on all machines, powering up a flameless heater is simple and can be done within a matter of a few minutes.

Safety Features of Flameless Heaters

Further safety features are incorporated to protect the investment you have made in your flameless heater from Therm Dynamics.
All flameless heaters, no matter the industry use, are equipped with the following shut-off switches:
  • Water temperatures exceeds 210 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Hydraulic plate oil pressure drops to 5 psi
  • Engine speed exceeds 200 rpm above throttle governor speed
  • Engine oil pressure drops to 25 psi
  • Emergency stop button
Optional automatic air intake shut-offs for commercial heating units:
  • Automatic air shut off: Closes the air intake and shuts down the engine in the event of increased RPM’s due to the engine taking in flammable gas fumes
All of our flameless heaters are patented and are certified to CSA/UL standards.

Safety is our top priority and we want to ensure that all users are aware that their flameless heater is the safest flameless heater on the market. Contact Frend Therm for any other questions about the safety switches we put into our flameless heaters.

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