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Oil and Gas Flameless Heaters

Contractors who serve in the oil and gas industry don’t often work in ideal weather conditions, so having the right equipment is necessary. Our flameless heaters were originally built for the oil and gas industry and we have since grown and expanded our industries. Therm Dynamics flameless heaters are the preferred heater for the oil and gas industry whenever thermal heat is needed. Whether it is out in the field drilling, pipe barn or bypass valves, a flameless heater from Therm Dynamics is the heater for your oil and gas industry heating purposes. Our breathable air, flameless heaters are also carbon monoxide free making them the safest, most reliable portable flameless heater on the market today.

Working out in the oil field can get pretty cold and tiring but why suffer when you could have a thermal flameless heater from Therm Dynamics? A portable heater from Therm Dynamics provides sufficient amounts of heat to warm up on even the coldest of cold days by having the ability to raise the temperature up to 180 degrees from freezing conditions as low as -40 degrees. A thermal portable heater has the ability to reach the desired temperature in less than ten minutes.

Oil & Gas Industry Portable Heater Applications

Flameless heaters are the perfect oil and gas industry job site heaters. They provide safe and clean heat for the oil and gas industry when on the job site. All flameless heaters for the oil and gas industries are extremely safe thermal heaters. Safety is a priority at Therm Dynamics and is a big reason why our flameless heaters are in such high demand worldwide. The idea for a flameless heater came about many years ago when fire and flames were no longer allowed in the oil fields. By not having any flame being emitted, Therm Dynamics flameless heaters are indeed the safest and easiest to operate in the world. At Therm Dynamics, we understand that if equipment is not up and running at maximum efficiency or fails, profitability is being cut. With a flameless heater for the oil and gas industry job sites, you’ll never worry again about drills or fracking ponds freezing over. Portable heaters for the gas and oil industries are great for the following types of work:

  • Offshore oil rig heating applications
  • Onshore oil rig heating applications
  • Gas company heating projects

Our top selling flameless heaters designed specifically for oil and gas industry heating are the following:

A portable heater is not only easy to use but is also better for the environment. Flameless heaters use less than half the amount of fuel used by other thermal heaters and do not require constant attention to make sure they are running properly. Therm Dynamics flameless job site heaters are also the safest flameless heater for the oil and gas industry as they do not have an open flame. Keeping things flowing and working properly is vital in the oil and gas industry. With a flameless heater from Therm Dynamics, you will never have to worry about your job site heaters failing, catching fire or hurting the environment. Therm Dynamics flameless heaters used in the oil and gas industry are both CSA/UL standards. Contact Frend Therm today to get your flameless heater!

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